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Monday, 8 January 2018

A free $10 Ang Pow!

Looking much like a click bait? But no, Budget Direct Insurance is promoting something rather interesting. A little bit of a cheap thrill, I guess that's what it takes to expand and increase awareness. If it's easy and free money why not? This isn't a sponsored post but rather they seem like they want to attract more people on their platform through social media. Depending on whether it is worth the effort. Enjoy!

Just click here for the referral Link and then forward it to your own friends and family thereafter: Referral - Budget Direct Insurance

See how much you can earn!

When you successfully refer...Your total incentive will be...
1 to 4 new friends$2 for each friend
5 to 9 new friends$20
10 to 14 new friends$38
15 to 19 new friends$68
20 and more new friends$88
Happy clicking. Cheers! and an early CNY...

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